Whitney Wolfe is Preparing Bumble for an Exciting in 2019

The dating app Bumble has had a busy and eventual time during 2018. There was a lot going on at the company’s Austin based headquarters. Whitney Wolfe is the organization’s leader and CEO. She had some time to reflect on the past events of 2018. One thing she discovered is that Bumble must create a greater impact within society in 2019.

Whitney Wolfe is setting Bumble up to expand into India. This is going to be an exciting time for Bumble because the dating site has already made inroads into various European countries and south of the border into Mexico. India’s inclusion will help to bring a different dimension to the Bumble Brand. Read this article about Whitney Wolfe at The New York Times.

Whitney Wolfe is also looking to take Bumble into the realm of politics. This will be a continuation of Bumble’s feminist agenda. The company is a supporter of feminism. As a matter of fact, Bumble actually endorses feminism. Some people can even say that it is a vehicle that is designed to promote the feminist cause. Wolfe is pushing for legislation that will make it illegal for guys to show their genitalia to people over the internet without consent. She is also pushing to get rid of other anti-female behaviors.

What is even more amazing is Bumble’s push into the cosmetic market. She is developing a skin serum that will help to keep a woman’s tone looking fresh and young. This same serum will also be used to promote emotional health, which is something that will be designed to uplift women in the future. This skin serum is not done being developed but it is well on its way to the market. The year 2019 should be the time when Bumble will release it to the public.

Bumble is also going to become a more outgoing entity. This change will be a reflection of Whitney Wolfe who realizes that she has to be more assertive and demanding in the coming future. She is not trying to become a dominate female trying to ruin the lives of people everywhere. She is not on a mission to destroy men, she knows what the expectation for women is different than it is for guys. Even though it is only October of 2018, Whitney is already getting a big head start for Bumble in the year 2019. Visit: https://www.fastcompany.com/person/whitney-wolfe