The Achievements Of Luiz Carlos Trabuco, The President Of Bradesco

It is in the human nature to associate oneself with great achievements and success in life. The corporate world offers challenging endeavors to professionals in various fields, and this always keeps them under the pressure of attaining some goals and objectives. The urge to succeed is greater in the private sector compared to the public sector. Though literally difficult, some of these experts work tooth and nail to ensure they hit or even surpass their targets. A good example is Luiz Carlos Trabuco, who has succeeded in the ever-competitive banking sector.

Luiz Carlos Trabuco is a Brazilian native who hails from the city of Marilia. He attended his college education at the University of Sao Paulo and graduated with a degree in Philosophy. He is the current President of Bradesco, Brazil’s second largest banking institution. He is the fourth President of the reputable organization since inception.

At 57, Luiz has extensive experience to manage and steer the institution to even greater heights. He received the mantle of leadership from Marcio Cypriano, who was responsible for the growth of the institution in market value, from $5 billion to over $30 billion in a span of 10 years. Luiz is a dynamic professional who has the unique ability to integrate resources and to use them to attain the desirable results.

Leadership comes with responsibility. However, it also brings along some privileges. At the helm, Carlos is ranked among the top most influential executives in Brazil. His business opinions are held in high regard and closely followed by many of the leading firms in the country and also political leaders. Carlos Trabuco is widely experienced with the operations of the bank. At the age of 40, he had already familiarized himself with all matters pertaining to marketing and pension. 7 years down the line, he received that long awaited promotion to become the Vice President of the firm.

Like Luiz Carlos Trabuco:

However, it is at the helm of Bradesco that his contributions were literally felt and acknowledged. He was behind the firm’s increase in market share from 23% to 25% of all the premiums. Moreover, the insurer’s contributions to its profitability also rose from 26% to 35%. Due to the positive run in the market value of the bank under his informed guidance, his monthly compensation package increased to a tune of $1 million.

Nonetheless, Luiz Carlos Trabuco is faced with immense challenges in his leadership capacity amidst his incredible achievements. For starters, his institution’s chief competitor, Itau Unibanco, is well over R$ 150 billion above it in assets. Carlos has to come up with strategies to bridge that gap. One way is through the acquisition of smaller banks.

However, even the acquisition exercise has its fair share of the challenge like the scarcity of suitable acquisition opportunities. Luckily, through his vast knowledge and expertise, he has enrolled an effective strategy, ‘organic growth’, aimed at enhancing the internal performance of the firm. The initiative is actualized through reduced rates and expanding operations by opening 211 branches to reach and attract more customers.

The enabling environment in the Brazilian insurance market has set Luiz Carlos Trabuco apart. In 2007, Trabuco, for the second time, received the Insurance Personality of the Year Award. He had won the same award in 2003 for his excellent management skills.

Like any other executive professional of his class, Luiz is future oriented. He is optimistic about the future of the market. He claims that under the evolution of the Brazilian economy, the institution is bound to gain more clients. He depicts a rare sense of persistence and the need for success that sets him apart in the market. Under his watch, the company’s growth rate has increased tremendously since he assumed his post.

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