Stop The Sulfate Shampoo Madness ! Switch Over To WEN

You care what products you use on your skin, right?

Then you should pay attention to the ingredients that go into your hair care products, namely your shampoos. Today, the manufacturing process has gone way of the chemical route, and unfortunately, these harsh detergents are weakening your hair strands and drying them out. The bad ones include the sulfate family. Those chemicals find their way into most drugstore shampoos and are hidden through big, foaming lathers.

Chaz Dean believed there was a much healthier shampoo and conditioning trend to take. So he carefully developed the WEN By Chaz no-poo shampoo, and the rest is history.

Chaz Dean has been a popular and longtime Hollywood stylist to the stars, so he knows a lot about every hair type and what products serve tresses well. He launched WEN By Chaz to give women around the world a new alternative in hair care, and the response was huge. Women remain happily obsessed with WEN By Chaz.

WEN is plant-based and includes wonderful, nourishing extracts from herbs and fruits. These natural blends are designed in his unique cleansing conditioning formulas. Washing with WEN is a soothing and gentle experience. Hair becomes stronger, shinier and full of life. Your comb will slide effortlessly through each strand because detangles and frizz do not exist with WEN.

There’s no lather in a bottle of WEN Hair, and thankfully, no nasty sulfates to rob your tresses of their natural goodness.

If you haven’t sampled WEN, your hair is missing out.

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