Securus Technologies – Leading Prison Communications Company

Securus Technologies is the leading technology for prison’s all over the world. The company was founded in 1986 and its headquarters reside in Dallas, Texas. There are regional offices located in Georgia as well with approximately 1,000 employees. They currently hold over 2,000 contracts with different correctional facilities in different areas. They have also reached out to Canada with their services. They were proud to announce that they had invested more than $600 million in technologies and patents in July of 2016.


Securus Technologies stands as the leader of provided communications for civil and criminal justice technology solutions. They work with many different types of public safety officials and correctional facilities to ensure that monitoring and secure transactions are priority. They have received many formal letters through email communications from prison’s and jail officials in the United States stating their positive outcomes and secure transactions that Securus has mad possible. The letters and emails come flooding into the headquarters in Dallas expressing their gratitude to Securus Technologies and how they’ve made a safer environment. They help keep society, which includes inmates and their families, safe and actively involved in communications. Securus Technologies focus many of their efforts on the obvious, which is telecommunications, security and safety. They have built safety into every aspect of the company, so that everyone is secure with each service.


Securus has been able to assist with certain cases that haven’t been solved by using phone calls that have lead to openings. Many calls are being monitored on a daily basis with the onset and outlook for alcohol use, drugs and the selling of drugs. They are also on the lookout for many other types of behind the scenes action that may persuade the safety of all individuals. Securus has been providing exceptional services for many years, and will continue to do so with the help of the community and correctional facilities throughout the United States and Canada.


Their ample amount of services that are provided within the industry can make communications risky, however, Securus Technologies offers a wide array of secure and viable services for each individual. They fully understand that communication between others is the key to many different types of growth and is essential for many individuals. It is also a key for many to communicate within the jail to the outside world with corrupt and illegal doings. That’s when Securus Technologies steps in to safely monitor all individuals, ensuring that everyone receives exceptional services yet is protected for the better. The company was the first to introduce a system set in place to control contraband cell phones. Their Managed Access Solutions was one of the first to be approved by more than five Department of Corrections facilities.


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