Richard Mishaan: the Man Creating Art in the form of Interior Design

The interior design scene in New York is highly competitive. Among the designers that have still been able to assert their dominance regardless is Richard Mishaan of the Richard Mishaan Design Company. The former apprentice to world renowned architect, Philip Jonson, is known for combining his expertise in architecture, interior design and fashion to create interiors that ooze of expanse, quality, and luxury.

Mishaan has a rich and diverse background that has greatly influenced his work as an interior designer. He was born in Colombia and was spent most of his childhood in Bogota. However, during winter breaks he traveled with his family to a coastal port within the country, Cartagena, which was greatly influenced by its Spanish colonial past. The beauty he saw in that port city inspired him to get involved with design. He would later travel to Italy and finally settle in New York, thus picking up influences from these two rich but diverse cultures. These deep cultural roots have provided Mishaan with the innovative eye that differentiates Richard Mishaan Design from the rest.

The fantastic designs completed by Richard Mishaan Design can easily be viewed by ordinary members of the public. Most of Mishaan’s work is found in various parts of New York including Tribeca, SoHo, Upper West Side and the Hamptons. Additionally, his various projects are also openly displayed on the Richard Mishaan Design website for all to see. After viewing multiple of his works, you will begin to notice the uncanny ability he has of making extremely diverse items synergistically combine to make a room beautiful.

In addition to being a designer, Mishaan is also a successful author. Both his books, Modern Luxury and Artfully Modern, were published by Monacelli Press. These rich and powerful books provide tips on how people can create simple yet exciting interiors for their homes.

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