Madison Street Capital Plans A $4.3 Million Growth Capital With Oak Street While Providing Advises To Infiniti HR

Madison Street Capital is an international investment firm for banking purposes since 2005. It has assisted in various types of industries when handling finances are a concern. Madison Stress Capital is a company that’s dedicated to providing unique solutions for various clients, as the company is fully aware that a business’s needs for financial solutions vary upon their respective situations. The financial company provides services such as middle market investments, valuations for financial and business reports, provide financial advice for the business, and other types of financing options for the sake of a business’s growth.



Infiniti HR is a human resource and business processing company that provides smaller and mid-sized businesses to perform these benefits in order to concentrate more on its main procedures for the sake of its growth. What connected this company of MSC was the fact that the latter decided to become the financial adviser. Infiniti HR is also partners with Oak Street Funding as the latter assisted the former with facilities. But MSC’s partnership with Infiniti HR was something that’s intended to grow the human resource firm even further to assist more businesses for the long term.



The partnership was announced by the CEO and Senior Managing Director of MSC, Charles Botchway, and Barry Petersen. The CEO of Infiniti HR states that the partnership with MSC will provide more innovation for the sake of human resources, and provide solutions to SMB communities and certain franchises. The CEO also states that access to the $4.3. M capital is definitely their way towards taking things to the “next level”. On the other hand, the president and CEO of Oak Street Funding added that MSC and its own mutual partnership with Infiniti HR shall lead all of them towards more advantages in finances and growth.



Barry Petersen also states that Infiniti HR was worth helping out because they are providing outstanding services within the PEO sector in order to directly provide insurances to clients. This was noted to be a very strong growth for the whole sector as well, which is also one of the key reasons why MSC decided to partner up with Infiniti HR as the latter’s financial adviser. The said partnership is stated to become great in providing much better solutions when handling the Infiniti HR client’s own set of employees.



Take note that human resources are handling payroll processing for salaries, the employee benefits, administration over the whole human resource, risk management, employee applications and hiring, as well as providing safety measures in terms of employee relations and behavior. That’s why the help of a growth capital will surely ensure better HR personnel to various businesses not just in the ever-growing PEO sector, but for many businesses who need an HR department. In this way, it will seem like MSC is also providing more professional behavior within a business’s environment just like how a responsible HR department does it with excellence.


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