Inside Twenty One Hours Of Twitter With Shervin Pishevar

Had you been so inclined, you could have spent a total of twenty-one hours listening to the thoughts and opinions of none other than Shervin Pishevar. He is a man who was an early investor in Uber and now promotes different ideas that he has about how the economy is running and perhaps even what kind of investments we should throw money at or avoid.

Rarely has anyone matched the level of predictive success as Shervin Pishevar. He just doesn’t make a bold statement unless he truly believes what he is saying. That is why his Twitter account is so interesting. It is chalk full of his real thoughts and opinions on just about any topic that you could think of. He most recently put out a twenty-one hour long tweet storm that touched on everything from the Trump Administration to how he believes that China is going to be the startup capital of the world in the future.

The first tweet came as a bit of a shock to those who have followed him and his career for a long time. It was a shock and surprise for the simple fact that he had not tweeted in quite some time. When he did come back onto the scene like this, many may not have been fully ready to see all of the things Shervin Pishevar was ready to write.

It seems that Shervin Pishevar had stored up all of his thoughts about the economy and world news until this moment when he could finally let them out in a series of tweets that went on to last for the twenty-one hours previously mentioned. It was truly astounding, and it left many wanting more.

Some of the targets that he took a swipe at included the Trump Administration, Bitcoin, the Stock Market, and even the American Dream. He took a unique approach to discussing each and everyone one of these topics. It was fascinating because he did so while keeping each tweet down to the character limit. Even within those limits he was able to express a great amount of information that had not otherwise been shared by him in public.