Hussain Sajwani’s DAMAC Remains A Close Ally Of The Trump Organization

Although President Donald J. Trump declared he would not undertake any new foreign business deals after taking up residency in The White House in 2017 he did look to complete a number of already existing real estate and construction deals, including those made with DAMAC owner Hussain Sajwani who has become a close business partner of the U.S. President. In May 2017, Sajwani posted pictures to his Instagram account of a meeting held with the President’s son Donald Trump Jr. who now heads his father’s company alongside his brother Eric.

DAMAC has become one of the leading real estate and construction companies in the United Arab Emirates with an annual revenue consistently over $200 million over the last few years; much of this revenue has been created for the Hussain Sajwani family company through its dedicated linkup with the Trump family, which includes a planned Trump International Golf Course in Dubai that has been designed by the iconic golfer Tiger Woods.

The linkup between Hussain Sajwani and Donald Trump has seen the President and his family admit they will pursue more deals with the the Dubai based real estate investor in the future.

The development of the Trump International Golf Course in Dubai is one of the construction sites that has seen Hussain Sajwani provide subsidies to the Trump organization that have reached between $1 and $5 million.

Recent reports have stated the DAMAC owner and the President had at one point discussed deals worth more than $2 billion, which has been confirmed by both sides in the range of deals.

A developer of luxury homes and destinations, Hussain Sijwani has become known for his high profile marketing plans, including the offer of a free Bentley with each home purchased.

The success achieved by Hussain Sijwani has been based on a positive business model that sees all land purchases made for construction paid off in full at the time of purchasing and the need for every development to pay for itself to mean the DAMAC company has very little debt to pay off following the completion of each luxury real estate development.

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