GreenSky Credit Was Built By This Man

GreenSky is a provider of financing to individuals and businesses alike that is based out of Atlanta, Georgia. The company was founded in 2006 by lifelong serial entrepreneur David Zalik – he currently serves GreenSky as its CEO, a position he’s served the company and its nearly two million customers in since 2006.

Zalik’s corporate creation, traded on the Nasdaq Stock Market as GSKY, operates through its lending program, GreenSky Credit. Since its foundation, Greensky Credit has put together the financing for roughly $12 billion in funding, collectively sourced from a secure, proprietary base of more than 12,000 merchants.

Although every founder and executive aboard the rosters of all major companies is important to their respective organizations’ success – or lack thereof – David Zalik has effectively made GreenSky LLC and GreenSky Credit one of the finest fintech – financial technology – companies currently in competition in the world’s most active lending market.

Here’s who David Zalik is, where he came from, and much more about the billionaire corporate executive

The world is filled with a select few prodigies each and every day. More than a half-century ago, David Zalik was born in the Deep South – the southeastern-most portion of the United States with exception to most of Florida is one of the worst places in the US to attend primary and secondary school. He stayed within the college-football-fanatic state of Alabama to attend college at the regionally-renowned Auburn University at the age of 14 – that’s right: just fourteen years of age.

He sold computers he built from spare parts, most of which came from computers that didn’t work at all. Rather than leaving his then-short career selling computers behind him after he graduated from the prestigious Auburn University, David Zalik decided to take the business with him.

His love for technology seemingly carried with him throughout his life – even all the way up to today, July 2018 – and eventually encouraged GreenSky Credit CEO David Zalik to found GreenSky Credit.

His first business was MicroTech Information Systems, the company that also doubled as a computer-building entity.