Don Ressler and Adam Goldenberg: Socially Responsible Fashion

One thing that could be said when it comes to many different industries is that a lot of people love to feel good about their purchases on Unfortunately, a lot of the great stores would be found to not be all that socially responsible. This often puts a huge dilemma on people when it comes to the products being offered. When people are faced with a lot of great products only to find that the company itself is not ethical, this could actually cause a lot of conflict. A lot of people understand that when they are buying a product from the company, they are also showing approval for the practices of that company too.

Adam Goldenberg and Don Ressler understand the effect that their social responsibility has on others. This is why they take the time to make sure that they are offering clothes that are both high fashion and sustainable on While they are interested in offering clothes that are very similar to what is shown on the runway, they want to make sure that the items that are being sold are made of the best material. This means material that will not only last long, but be friendly to the environment as well.

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One thing that Don Ressler wants to make sure of is that they present a aesthetically pleasing version of social responsibility. One thing that has been going around is that anything that is useful has to not be pleasurable. Social responsibility has to be bland or plain. However, there is a shift in mindset that shows that people do not have to be plain in order to be social responsible. Don Ressler has made sure that the clothing offered are made in great working conditions. Therefore, people that buy from one of the TechStyle brands will be supporting all of the ethical practices of TechStyle.

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