David McDonald Is The COO Of OSI Group

David McDonald is the COO of OSI Group, a leading producer of processed foods. He is from Iowa. He has a bachelor’s degree in Animal Science from Iowa State University. Growing up on a farm in Iowa, it looked like he would never rise to such a high profile position in the corporate sector. He started his career by working in the food-products distribution chain. The foundation he got prepared him for future roles in the management of the company.

The COO of OSI has helped the company to come up with a formula that will lead the organization in the right direction. OSI Group has partnered with a number of organizations in the past few years. The partnership is intended to make the company strong in the international arena. McDonald as the operations manager has ensured that the company has beneficial relationships with its partners. The organization leaves the role of decision making about service delivery to the managers at the grassroots level. The people who interact more often with the consumers are the ones who are supposed to make decisions on the handling of operations. It is for this reason that any business that does work with OSI Group has an opportunity to retain the top management. The local management is familiar with the consumer, and, therefore are the right people to carry out day-to-day operations.

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The emergence of McDonald’s influenced the rise of OSI Group. The McDonald’s opened the first restaurant in Illinois and hired OSI Group, then called Otto & Sons, to supply meat products. By then, it was just a wholesale business dealing with meat production. After the deal with McDonald’s more opportunities came as the latter opened restaurants all over the country. The demand for meat products went up significantly forcing Otto & Sons to expand the company to meet the huge demand.

OSI Group under David McDonald has taken a number of measures to expand their operations to different locations around the globe. They have partnered with some European companies to establish business links in the region. They have done this through the acquisition of some key businesses in this region. Under the guidance of David McDonald, OSI Group has acquired Baho food and Flagship Europe, now Creative Foods. The deal will see OSI penetrate the highly lucrative market in Europe. He has set a good example of a business leader who works for the benefit of the organization he belongs to.

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