Copa Star – Offering Highly Advanced Healthcare Facilities In A Luxurious And Comfortable Environment

Copa Star is a highly reputed excellent healthcare facility situated centrally in the capital city of Brazil, Rio De Janeiro. The hospital is known to house some of the most advanced medical technology and equipment, which helps in treating even the most complex diseases and conducting advanced complex surgeries with precision and accuracy. The facilities at Copa Star ensure that the surgeries and medical procedures performed are minimally invasive and highly efficient in getting results, providing a quick recovery for the patients.

Copa Star offers a friendly and hospitable environment for the patients and boasts a luxurious architecture that is tastefully designed while keeping the scope of accommodating futuristic technology in the future, as and when it is available. Even though Copa Star is a hospital, it has a very luxurious architecture that is comparable to the five-star hotels. It allows the patients to get rid of mental stress they may be going through in a very calm, peaceful and soothing environment, backed by always smiling and helpful nursing and medical staff. The hospital has 113 physicians and the total workforce of 550 members, who works relentlessly to ensure each and every patient, can experience a comfortable journey to their recovery.

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Copa Star also has hybrid rooms that are equipped with the modern medical and healthcare tools, equipment and technology. It helps the physicians and surgeons to conduct even the most complex surgeries with ease, ensuring negligible to no pain to the patient. The entire hospital is built in an area covering 20 thousand square meters and was inaugurated in the year 2016. The Copa Star is the result of over $500 million in investment, combining the investment in construction, interiors and the highly advanced equipment and medical tools.

Many physicians in Rio De Janeiro and the country believe that the capital city had for long waited for such advanced hospital that was highly needed to meet the growing needs of advanced medical care. Technology is integrated throughout the hospital’s network in a very well defined manner to ensure seamless processing, whether it is billing, database management, inventory, staff management, human resource, appointments and scheduling, reports, and more. It helps the hospital to provide fast and consistent services to the patients and their family.

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The rooms at Copa Star are fitted with the latest technology for a comfortable and convenient stay of the patients. Each room has tablets, TV, air –conditioning, and other necessary elements needed in the hospital environment. Patients and their families can choose to make the payment directly or through the health plans available in the country. The primary aim of Copa Star is to provide the best of healthcare services in a safe, secure and hospitable environment without costing a fortune. Read more at about Copa Star.

The Lung Institute; changing the world using their stem cell treatment

Founded with the aim of improving the quality of life, the Lung Institute has provided treatment services to individuals suffering from chronic lung disease. Located in Houston, Texas, the Institute was seen to open its doors in 2014 after the arrival of the director, Dr. David Sugarbaker who is renown due to his intense involvement in pleural mesothelioma. Individuals who suffer from the chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, interstitial lung disease, and pulmonary fibrosis can find comfort in the Lung Institute as they offer services that improve the quality of life both mentally or physically.

The Lung Institute understands how hard it is for an individual suffering from chronic lung disease to perform simple tasks such as cooking, taking a shower or even walking. With this in mind, the Institute has taken it upon themselves to ensure their patient’s life is improved to its best. To help in treating these diseases, the institute has employed the use of stem cells in their treatment process. The mere fact that stem cells can replicate, form any body tissue and self-renew is what the Institute finds fascinating and helpful in treating these diseases.

According to, not many people are aware of the stem cell treatment and for those who are aware, always wonder if indeed the treatment works and how the treatment works. Firstly, the patient is expected to either have a bone marrow treatment or venous treatment, and this is where the stem cells are removed from the body.

The sample taken from the bone marrow or blood treatment is the one that is used to harvest the cells. The next step done is separating the stem cells from others cells found in the sample taken. After separating the stem cells from other cells, the medics are seen to concentrate the stem cells that will be returned to the blood stream of the patient. The healing process begins directly after the concentrated stem cells have been returned to the patient’s body.

The concentrated stem cells are returned to the patient’s bloodstream through an IV. They go straight to the heart where they are later redistributed to the patient’s lungs helping in the healing process.

At first, the use of stem cells to heal lung diseases was just an idea that later came to save lives something the Lung Institute is proud to be associated with.

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