Academy of Art University Provides Platforms for Nurturing Creativity

Founded in 1929, The Academy of Art University is now one of the best and the largest private universities in the United States of America. The San Francisco based institution transitioned from being called the Academy of Art College to the Academy of Art University. Besides, it was previously managed by Richard S. Stephens who is the architect of the college. As of now, Richard’s daughter is the Chief Executive Officer of the Academy of Art University.


The college was built with an aim of availing courses in advertising art to various students. This is not the case anymore because it expanded in its operations and now offers undergraduate courses in fashion and design. The Academy of Art University provides master’s degrees as well. The other courses taught at the institution include architecture, civil engineering and much more. Students who want to pursue diplomas in the courses offered at The Academy of Art University also qualify for the applications.


Under the able leadership of its president, the Academy of Art University has constantly experienced an increase in the number of students who join the institution upon admission. The freshmen are normally 12,000 or even more. Most of all, the number of lecturers have as well grown significantly. These professionals work on different programs, both full-time and part-time jobs. Those who teach all through the school days are about 283 while those who lecture partly add up to 1154.


During this year’s 21st Runway Showcase, the Academy of Art University was represented by some of its students who actively took part in the event. The occasion was held at Skylight Clarkson Square. The collections of clothes during the fashion and design fair were incredible. Of great importance is that the 21st Runway Showcase signified the start of New York Fashion Week. This made it an essential activity in the calendar of the Academy of Art University.


Students exploited this chance to the maximum and it helped them to show the world their level of creativity. How they managed to blend the various designs to come up with refined styles and wears still remains a mystery. MFA Fashion Design of the Chinese was among the collections. Additionally, The Mexican BFA Fashion Design was also used by the talented scholars.