With video visitation, Securus is fighting crime by instilling hope

One of the greatest problems faced by U.S. prisons today is the specter of inmates becoming institutionalized. This often involves the inmate becoming nearly completely unable to function outside his own criminal milieu. The gang life and the convict’s code conspire to create inmates who are completely hostile to authority and bask in the ability to continue living a criminal lifestyle within the prison environment.


But one company is helping inmates stay on the straight and narrow while incarcerated. Securus Technologies is the nation’s leading provider of inmate communication services. Serving more than 3500 institutions nationwide, Securus serves the majority of the nation’s penal institutions and has made a name for itself as one of the best providers in the business.


Securus is also helping to fight crime through the use of it video visitation technology. Inmates who are able to stay in nearly constant contact with their loved ones have been shown to be far more compliant and less likely to violate any of the institution’s procedures than those who are not. By providing them with the opportunity to make incredibly cheap outgoing video phone calls to their loved ones on the outside, Securus is helping to maintain an orderly and safe prison environment for all.


Inmates using Securus’ video visitation technology are able to make outgoing phone calls at rates as cheap as $0.15 per minute. This represents one of the lowest rates in the business and allows almost all inmates to be able to afford to stay in nearly constant touch with their loved ones. This contact with the outside world also allows it to maintain a socialization to normal, law-abiding norms, preventing the inevitable decline into the socialization of the criminals with whom they would have otherwise been exclusively surrounded.


Through technologies like these, Securus is helping to keep the United States prison environment safe.


The Achievements Of Luiz Carlos Trabuco, The President Of Bradesco

It is in the human nature to associate oneself with great achievements and success in life. The corporate world offers challenging endeavors to professionals in various fields, and this always keeps them under the pressure of attaining some goals and objectives. The urge to succeed is greater in the private sector compared to the public sector. Though literally difficult, some of these experts work tooth and nail to ensure they hit or even surpass their targets. A good example is Luiz Carlos Trabuco, who has succeeded in the ever-competitive banking sector.

Luiz Carlos Trabuco is a Brazilian native who hails from the city of Marilia. He attended his college education at the University of Sao Paulo and graduated with a degree in Philosophy. He is the current President of Bradesco, Brazil’s second largest banking institution. He is the fourth President of the reputable organization since inception.

At 57, Luiz has extensive experience to manage and steer the institution to even greater heights. He received the mantle of leadership from Marcio Cypriano, who was responsible for the growth of the institution in market value, from $5 billion to over $30 billion in a span of 10 years. Luiz is a dynamic professional who has the unique ability to integrate resources and to use them to attain the desirable results.

Leadership comes with responsibility. However, it also brings along some privileges. At the helm, Carlos is ranked among the top most influential executives in Brazil. His business opinions are held in high regard and closely followed by many of the leading firms in the country and also political leaders. Carlos Trabuco is widely experienced with the operations of the bank. At the age of 40, he had already familiarized himself with all matters pertaining to marketing and pension. 7 years down the line, he received that long awaited promotion to become the Vice President of the firm.

Like Luiz Carlos Trabuco: https://pt-br.facebook.com/public/Luiz-Carlos-Trabuco

However, it is at the helm of Bradesco that his contributions were literally felt and acknowledged. He was behind the firm’s increase in market share from 23% to 25% of all the premiums. Moreover, the insurer’s contributions to its profitability also rose from 26% to 35%. Due to the positive run in the market value of the bank under his informed guidance, his monthly compensation package increased to a tune of $1 million.

Nonetheless, Luiz Carlos Trabuco is faced with immense challenges in his leadership capacity amidst his incredible achievements. For starters, his institution’s chief competitor, Itau Unibanco, is well over R$ 150 billion above it in assets. Carlos has to come up with strategies to bridge that gap. One way is through the acquisition of smaller banks.

However, even the acquisition exercise has its fair share of the challenge like the scarcity of suitable acquisition opportunities. Luckily, through his vast knowledge and expertise, he has enrolled an effective strategy, ‘organic growth’, aimed at enhancing the internal performance of the firm. The initiative is actualized through reduced rates and expanding operations by opening 211 branches to reach and attract more customers.

The enabling environment in the Brazilian insurance market has set Luiz Carlos Trabuco apart. In 2007, Trabuco, for the second time, received the Insurance Personality of the Year Award. He had won the same award in 2003 for his excellent management skills.

Like any other executive professional of his class, Luiz is future oriented. He is optimistic about the future of the market. He claims that under the evolution of the Brazilian economy, the institution is bound to gain more clients. He depicts a rare sense of persistence and the need for success that sets him apart in the market. Under his watch, the company’s growth rate has increased tremendously since he assumed his post.

Richard Mishaan: the Man Creating Art in the form of Interior Design

The interior design scene in New York is highly competitive. Among the designers that have still been able to assert their dominance regardless is Richard Mishaan of the Richard Mishaan Design Company. The former apprentice to world renowned architect, Philip Jonson, is known for combining his expertise in architecture, interior design and fashion to create interiors that ooze of expanse, quality, and luxury.

Mishaan has a rich and diverse background that has greatly influenced his work as an interior designer. He was born in Colombia and was spent most of his childhood in Bogota. However, during winter breaks he traveled with his family to a coastal port within the country, Cartagena, which was greatly influenced by its Spanish colonial past. The beauty he saw in that port city inspired him to get involved with design. He would later travel to Italy and finally settle in New York, thus picking up influences from these two rich but diverse cultures. These deep cultural roots have provided Mishaan with the innovative eye that differentiates Richard Mishaan Design from the rest.

The fantastic designs completed by Richard Mishaan Design can easily be viewed by ordinary members of the public. Most of Mishaan’s work is found in various parts of New York including Tribeca, SoHo, Upper West Side and the Hamptons. Additionally, his various projects are also openly displayed on the Richard Mishaan Design website for all to see. After viewing multiple of his works, you will begin to notice the uncanny ability he has of making extremely diverse items synergistically combine to make a room beautiful.

In addition to being a designer, Mishaan is also a successful author. Both his books, Modern Luxury and Artfully Modern, were published by Monacelli Press. These rich and powerful books provide tips on how people can create simple yet exciting interiors for their homes.



Omar Boraie Transforms New Brunswick Through Boraie Development

Omar Boraie is the leader of Boraie Development LLC. The visionary real estate expert has seen the remarkable potential of New Brunswick for over four decades. The Aspire is his latest investment that will be a deluxe residential high rise. The project, which has come to fruition, has been his dream for many years. He admits that for ages, many people doubted the success of his projects. His aim was to redevelop New Brunswick like the many beautiful cities in Europe that he saw while he was visiting scholar. According to him, the city was in a sorry state. People could not walk in the street at night.

In an article on Rutgers, Boraie was optimistic that he could change the image of the city.

Presently, Boraie’s office, which is located on the eighth floor, offers him a gorgeous view of the city. Earlier on, the area had twenty one buildings on the same block. The structures were crumbling. With a great plan for the future, Omar Boraie started purchasing the buildings. After he purchased all the buildings, he developed his plan and presented it to the authorities. At the time, many people thought Boraie was crazy.

The first building that Omar Boraie constructed in the 1980’s and 1990’s was Tower One, which had office spaces. The second building was called Tower Two. It was built next to the first tower in 2003.

With the success of the two towers, he realized that there was a great need a for a high quality residential space. Boraie envisioned a deluxe building for condominiums. The residential building became the tallest building in the region. The twenty-five story building has twenty one units of one bedroom spaces for residents. It also has a huge space allocated for offices, parking and retail space.

With the completion of the building, many people started believing in Boraie’s vision. He has publicly thanked the people that helped him to realize his mission for the city, including those that contributed in bringing in hotels, culture and theaters. This information was originally published through Central Jersey Working Moms as elaborated in this link http://centraljerseyworkingmoms.com/category/boraie-development/

About Boraie Development

Boraie Development LLC is a private company that engages in the real estate business. The firm is based in New Brunswick, New Jersey. It was founded in 1986. Boraie Development is headed by Omar Boraie. The company’s services comprise property management, real estate development, and property sales. Boraie Development has managed to run as a going concern and maintain its leadership in the competitive industry by virtue of working closely with the strongest financial institutions, contractors, and architects.

See more: http://www.njbiz.com/apps/pbcs.dll/article?AID=/20161220/NJBIZ01/161219963/developer-waseem-boraie-debunks-5-myths-about-doing-business-in-ac-after-breaking-ground-on-81m-project&template=mobileart

Check out boraie.com

George Soros, A Gem In The Philanthropy World

George Soros is touted as one of most acclaimed entrepreneur and investor of his time. Soros not only believes in the power of entrepreneurship across economies but also the advantages of accountability and transparency in governments. George Soros reckons that some of the man’s most intractable problems are made worse by the lack of responsibility, bad governance, and violation of fundamental human rights. The world as we know it is a jungle, in which every man is caught up in the struggle of fighting for his survival. Civilizations are supposed to make the world more habitable, but that has not been the case. Few individuals like George Soros have decided to rise above the rest to make the world more livable and communities more cohesive. Learn more about his profile at Forbes.com

Born in 1930, the childhood of George Soros was quite tumultuous. He was caught up in the struggles of the Second World War when they became victims of the Nazi occupation, and his father had to procure false identities for him and his family so that they could survive the war.

As a youth, George Soros moved to the UK where he had to do menial jobs to see himself through the London School of Economics. His time at LSE shaped his ideologies given that he got a rare opportunity to associate Karl Popper, a professor of philosophy. George Soros’ knowledge in the finance sector has enabled him to manage his business empire and as a result, accumulate a lot of fortune. Soros is revered as one of the most successful entrepreneurs of his time. Much of Soros wealth was derived from investments in the hedge funds and currency speculation.

George Soros has not only recorded immeasurable success in the field of finance. The businessman boasts of an impressive portfolio in the area of philanthropy. Through the Open Society Foundations, Soros has been able to impact on the lives of many people who are either marginalized or oppressed across the globe.

According to George Soros, Open Society Foundation was created against the backdrop of establishing a voice for the voiceless and hopes to those who have despaired. In as much the world is unfair and imperfect, George Soros reckons that people can rise against injustices and this will go a long way to making the world a better place. George believes that governments can be open and just, most of the humanity’s problems could have been solved. Read more at Politico about George Soros.

At the height of apartheid in South Africa, George Soros chose to move in sponsor young blacks who could not get access to education because they had been segregated. Over the years, Soros has been able to provide scholarships and education grants to many young people who are marginalized. As an avid supporter of change, Soros hopes that one day the world can be poverty, corruption, and disease free.

Diligence: A Successful Trait of Entrepreneurs Like Marc Sparks

One thing an entrepreneur needs in order to succeed in any industry is diligence. Without this trait, anyone who attempts to work for himself is going to give up quickly. One thing that fuels diligence is knowledge that in most cases, it is going to take a while before people even make their first dollar on their own business. This is one of the reasons that they have to make sure that they are doing something that they enjoy as opposed to doing everything based on whether or not they are going to make money. Among the people that have learned this secret is Marc Sparks. Learn more: http://sparktankdfw.com/


One of the best things about Marc Sparks is that he has persisted in the midst of every set back and failure. As a matter of fact, he will tell people that he has failed a lot of times and this is one of the reasons he has finally succeeded. He has also written a book that has detailed his attempts at starting a successful business. He has described these as very hard for him to write. However, it is very beneficial for many people in the case they want to try and start their own business. Learn more: https://www.amazon.com/They-Cant-Eat-Marc-Sparks/dp/0990495000


One thing people have to understand is that being an entrepreneur requires a lot of knowledge. One thing that entrepreneurs need to know a lot about is themselves. They have to know whether or not they can handle the type of work they are doing. One of the best ways to do this is by knowing their strengths and their weaknesses. Once they know what they are capable of, then they will have a better idea on how to proceed and the tools that they are going to need to use. They will also know the type of help they are going to need.

Learn more: http://www.lulu.com/spotlight/marcsparks

Securus Technologies – Leading Prison Communications Company

Securus Technologies is the leading technology for prison’s all over the world. The company was founded in 1986 and its headquarters reside in Dallas, Texas. There are regional offices located in Georgia as well with approximately 1,000 employees. They currently hold over 2,000 contracts with different correctional facilities in different areas. They have also reached out to Canada with their services. They were proud to announce that they had invested more than $600 million in technologies and patents in July of 2016.


Securus Technologies stands as the leader of provided communications for civil and criminal justice technology solutions. They work with many different types of public safety officials and correctional facilities to ensure that monitoring and secure transactions are priority. They have received many formal letters through email communications from prison’s and jail officials in the United States stating their positive outcomes and secure transactions that Securus has mad possible. The letters and emails come flooding into the headquarters in Dallas expressing their gratitude to Securus Technologies and how they’ve made a safer environment. They help keep society, which includes inmates and their families, safe and actively involved in communications. Securus Technologies focus many of their efforts on the obvious, which is telecommunications, security and safety. They have built safety into every aspect of the company, so that everyone is secure with each service.


Securus has been able to assist with certain cases that haven’t been solved by using phone calls that have lead to openings. Many calls are being monitored on a daily basis with the onset and outlook for alcohol use, drugs and the selling of drugs. They are also on the lookout for many other types of behind the scenes action that may persuade the safety of all individuals. Securus has been providing exceptional services for many years, and will continue to do so with the help of the community and correctional facilities throughout the United States and Canada.


Their ample amount of services that are provided within the industry can make communications risky, however, Securus Technologies offers a wide array of secure and viable services for each individual. They fully understand that communication between others is the key to many different types of growth and is essential for many individuals. It is also a key for many to communicate within the jail to the outside world with corrupt and illegal doings. That’s when Securus Technologies steps in to safely monitor all individuals, ensuring that everyone receives exceptional services yet is protected for the better. The company was the first to introduce a system set in place to control contraband cell phones. Their Managed Access Solutions was one of the first to be approved by more than five Department of Corrections facilities.


Hussain Sajwani’s DAMAC Remains A Close Ally Of The Trump Organization

Although President Donald J. Trump declared he would not undertake any new foreign business deals after taking up residency in The White House in 2017 he did look to complete a number of already existing real estate and construction deals, including those made with DAMAC owner Hussain Sajwani who has become a close business partner of the U.S. President. In May 2017, Sajwani posted pictures to his Instagram account of a meeting held with the President’s son Donald Trump Jr. who now heads his father’s company alongside his brother Eric.

DAMAC has become one of the leading real estate and construction companies in the United Arab Emirates with an annual revenue consistently over $200 million over the last few years; much of this revenue has been created for the Hussain Sajwani family company through its dedicated linkup with the Trump family, which includes a planned Trump International Golf Course in Dubai that has been designed by the iconic golfer Tiger Woods.

The linkup between Hussain Sajwani and Donald Trump has seen the President and his family admit they will pursue more deals with the the Dubai based real estate investor in the future.

The development of the Trump International Golf Course in Dubai is one of the construction sites that has seen Hussain Sajwani provide subsidies to the Trump organization that have reached between $1 and $5 million.

Recent reports have stated the DAMAC owner and the President had at one point discussed deals worth more than $2 billion, which has been confirmed by both sides in the range of deals.

A developer of luxury homes and destinations, Hussain Sijwani has become known for his high profile marketing plans, including the offer of a free Bentley with each home purchased.

The success achieved by Hussain Sijwani has been based on a positive business model that sees all land purchases made for construction paid off in full at the time of purchasing and the need for every development to pay for itself to mean the DAMAC company has very little debt to pay off following the completion of each luxury real estate development.

Todd Lubar profile overview

Todd Lubar is an entrepreneur. He joined the real estate industry in 1995. He was a loan originator with Crestar Mortgage Corporation. Todd has been ranked among the top 25 mortgage originators for several years in the country. Todd has worked in the entertainment, construction and demolition, night club, recycling, real estate development, and banking industries. Todd has more than 20 years of experience in the real estate industry. Todd has helped many people to fulfill their dreams of becoming homeowners. Todd also runs philanthropic initiatives. His involvement in several industries has helped him to develop his business acumen. He can excel in almost any environment.

According to Hackronym, TDL Global Ventures was conceptualized after he realized his desire to help more people to fulfill their homeownership dreams. He has worked in the finance and credit space for 20 years. He had seen an opportunity in a fact that most people encountered barriers in receiving the mortgage loans. He wanted to provide a solution for them with a product and a program that would help to meet the needs of the consumers. His principal of building a successful business is hard work, trust, honest communication, and willpower. He also advocates for good company of people and spheres of influence. This play a part in reaching one’s goals.

Todd Lubar is a father. He starts his day by having breakfast with his kids, checking his emails, and going through the current news in the world and the industry. Lubar loves technology and has his software custom-built. He is intrigued by the technology that allows him to control his a/c fans and light by a touch of a button. The security cameras can help him to check his home at any time.  Search him on Google to learn more.

Todd Lubar is an alumnus of Sidwell Friends School in Washington DC. He also studied at the Peddie School in Hightstown. Todd has a Bachelor of Speech Communication from Syracuse University. He graduated in 1995. Todd helped to grow the Maryland office loan volumes to a production unit of more than 100 million dollars a year when he joined Legacy Financial Group. Todd later became a senior vice president of Charter Funding and worked there until August 2007.

Website: http://www.toddlubar.com/


Stop The Sulfate Shampoo Madness ! Switch Over To WEN

You care what products you use on your skin, right?

Then you should pay attention to the ingredients that go into your hair care products, namely your shampoos. Today, the manufacturing process has gone way of the chemical route, and unfortunately, these harsh detergents are weakening your hair strands and drying them out. The bad ones include the sulfate family. Those chemicals find their way into most drugstore shampoos and are hidden through big, foaming lathers.

Chaz Dean believed there was a much healthier shampoo and conditioning trend to take. So he carefully developed the WEN By Chaz no-poo shampoo, and the rest is history.

Chaz Dean has been a popular and longtime Hollywood stylist to the stars, so he knows a lot about every hair type and what products serve tresses well. He launched WEN By Chaz to give women around the world a new alternative in hair care, and the response was huge. Women remain happily obsessed with WEN By Chaz.

WEN is plant-based and includes wonderful, nourishing extracts from herbs and fruits. These natural blends are designed in his unique cleansing conditioning formulas. Washing with WEN is a soothing and gentle experience. Hair becomes stronger, shinier and full of life. Your comb will slide effortlessly through each strand because detangles and frizz do not exist with WEN.

There’s no lather in a bottle of WEN Hair, and thankfully, no nasty sulfates to rob your tresses of their natural goodness.

If you haven’t sampled WEN, your hair is missing out.