Stop The Sulfate Shampoo Madness ! Switch Over To WEN

You care what products you use on your skin, right?

Then you should pay attention to the ingredients that go into your hair care products, namely your shampoos. Today, the manufacturing process has gone way of the chemical route, and unfortunately, these harsh detergents are weakening your hair strands and drying them out. The bad ones include the sulfate family. Those chemicals find their way into most drugstore shampoos and are hidden through big, foaming lathers.

Chaz Dean believed there was a much healthier shampoo and conditioning trend to take. So he carefully developed the WEN By Chaz no-poo shampoo, and the rest is history.

Chaz Dean has been a popular and longtime Hollywood stylist to the stars, so he knows a lot about every hair type and what products serve tresses well. He launched WEN By Chaz to give women around the world a new alternative in hair care, and the response was huge. Women remain happily obsessed with WEN By Chaz.

WEN is plant-based and includes wonderful, nourishing extracts from herbs and fruits. These natural blends are designed in his unique cleansing conditioning formulas. Washing with WEN is a soothing and gentle experience. Hair becomes stronger, shinier and full of life. Your comb will slide effortlessly through each strand because detangles and frizz do not exist with WEN.

There’s no lather in a bottle of WEN Hair, and thankfully, no nasty sulfates to rob your tresses of their natural goodness.

If you haven’t sampled WEN, your hair is missing out.

The Purpose of Building Property With Hussain Sajwani

Entrepreneurs are very good at building. One thing that could be said for entrepreneurs and business owners is that they can really build something that is going to be helpful for everyone that is interested. Some businesses are built to help other businesses build something. This is the exact purpose that Damac owner Hussain Sajwani uses for his business.

Hussain has built all kinds of property for all kinds of purposes. Therefore, one is going to find all kinds of resorts and facilities that he could enjoy and use for a good purpose. He has also taken his time to put forth some really good designs that will bring about inspiration.

One of the reasons that Hussain Sajwani is so effective and amazing with the property he builds is because he is a philanthropist at heart. Among the purposes he builds for is shelter. He is aware of the plight that people who are in unfavorable circumstances are faced with.

Therefore, he takes a lot of the profits he gains from his properties and he puts it towards different philanthropic initiatives. He makes sure that these people that are faced with unfavorable conditions are able to go somewhere to get something to eat.

Hussain Sajwani is also very responsible when it comes to his family. He is always able to provide for his family. The Hussain Sajwani family is always in a good position. They are also willing to help with their community. This is one of the best aspects of success. Read more: Meet Our Board | DAMAC Properties and Hussain Ali Habib Sajwani | Bloomberg

It gives people more of an opportunity to help people in ways that they always wanted to. Hussain Sajwani himself has started out cooking and providing food for people in his career. He has eventually moved on to building property for different purposes and businesses. He has worked with people of all walks including Donald Trump.

Hussain Sajwani Uses DAMAC for Charitable Options

There is no point in having a company that is as successful as DAMAC if it is not able to be used to make things better for different people. For Hussain Sajwani, the idea behind DAMAC is to make sure that things are going to work well for him but he also knows that having the amount of success that he has is pointless without being able to help other people.

He sees it as part of his duty as a successful businessman to be able to help needy children who do not have anyone who will be able to help them. He is a philanthropist and he does what he can to help children get all of the help that they need. From clothing to shelter and even food, Hussain Sajwani wants to help children in Dubai and around the world get everything that they need to have a more comfortable life.

There are many different things that the DAMAC owner is able to do but Hussain Sajwani works to make sure that he can provide philanthropic opportunities to those who are not as privileged as the Hussain Sajwani family. The success that DAMAC has seen is nothing without being able to make things better for other people.

Despite the fact that they have more money than what they would ever be able to spend in a lifetime, the family is always working to help other people and to make sure that they are being as charitable as possible with others.

Through the charities that they have and the options that they have created for different people, DAMAC has become one of the best businesses in Dubai. Not only do they create spectacular and modern buildings for businesses but they also do their part to help out in the country that they are in.

This is something that is nearly unheard of for major corporations and something that most developers simply don’t do. It sets DAMAC apart from the others and makes Hussain Sajwani feel better because he is doing something that helps other people out aside from his own family.

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The Colorful Pastel Orb

For years lip balm has been synonymous with Chapstick and Blistex; these household names have dominated this market, leaving little to no room for competition. The story of EOS (Evolution of Smooth) is a Cinderella story that deserves recognition. Often when you think of lip balm, your mind conjures up an image of a cylinder shaped tube, that often falls into the abyss of your purse; nothing particularly exciting or revolutionary, it’s just lip balm. EOS is a startup business that, from its inception, focused on changing this mindset, and as a result, they have created a customer base that has turned this startup business into a $250 million dollar company.

How did this happen? It started with targeting a very specific demographic and utilizing imaginative packaging. EOS lip balm focused specifically on appealing to women between the ages of 25 and 35, and they did this by strategic advertising; traditional television advertisements no longer have the same impact in today’s modern world. Many consumers are influenced by celebrities and by individuals with a tremendous social media following. EOS recognized this as a marketing opportunity and commissioned those with large Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube following to help spread the word about their company; this is in addition to celebrity endorsement.

The EOS business model is quite easy to understand; take a look at your competition, and find ways to improve an existing product. EOS did this exceedingly well; they not only introduced new and exciting flavors to their lip balms, they also opted to forego the cylinder. The EOS lip balm is instead packaged in colorful pastel orbs; this packaging design immediately grabs attention and entices Costco shoppers to try something new. In addition to the enticing packaging, EOS also offers exciting flavors like honeydew and grapefruit, which is sure to appeal to their Target demographic.

EOS ( should not only be applauded for bringing such an amazing product to the marketplace, but for also adopting a truly innovative business model. EOS is easily on track to become a major player in a lip care market that is projected to increase to an estimated $2 billion. So if you haven’t tried their product, consider replacing the cylinder with a colorful pastel orb. Take a look at the article from Fast Company, a monthly American business magazine, for additional information regarding this forward-thinking approach to lip balm.

Bringing The Outside World in

Being incarcerated can be a lonely experience, especially if you were always socially and/or family inclined. For the longest time, prisoners had to take that fact for granted and it was always just another part of the prison experience. Times have changed though, and along with those changes are companies like Securus Technologies that help bridge the divide between the prison world and the outside world.

The ramifications of a change like this are widespread and can have very good effects on everyone involved. From the prisoners, to their friends and family and to the staff charged with keeping an eye on the prisoners. Up-to-date communications systems can help bring the outside world in and help make a stay in prison not seem so inclusive. Many times, people have commented on the fact the being inside a prison is like stepping into another world, and that world is not a very nice place to be.

Securus Technologies realizes that it doesn’t have to be this way and has worked hard for years to help ensure that it isn’t. Being in prison is a punishment with rehabilitation as its end-game, it should not be a way of life when that way of life does not sync with life outside the prison walls.

Copa Star – Offering Highly Advanced Healthcare Facilities In A Luxurious And Comfortable Environment

Copa Star is a highly reputed excellent healthcare facility situated centrally in the capital city of Brazil, Rio De Janeiro. The hospital is known to house some of the most advanced medical technology and equipment, which helps in treating even the most complex diseases and conducting advanced complex surgeries with precision and accuracy. The facilities at Copa Star ensure that the surgeries and medical procedures performed are minimally invasive and highly efficient in getting results, providing a quick recovery for the patients.

Copa Star offers a friendly and hospitable environment for the patients and boasts a luxurious architecture that is tastefully designed while keeping the scope of accommodating futuristic technology in the future, as and when it is available. Even though Copa Star is a hospital, it has a very luxurious architecture that is comparable to the five-star hotels. It allows the patients to get rid of mental stress they may be going through in a very calm, peaceful and soothing environment, backed by always smiling and helpful nursing and medical staff. The hospital has 113 physicians and the total workforce of 550 members, who works relentlessly to ensure each and every patient, can experience a comfortable journey to their recovery.

View the design at RafArquitetura.Com

Copa Star also has hybrid rooms that are equipped with the modern medical and healthcare tools, equipment and technology. It helps the physicians and surgeons to conduct even the most complex surgeries with ease, ensuring negligible to no pain to the patient. The entire hospital is built in an area covering 20 thousand square meters and was inaugurated in the year 2016. The Copa Star is the result of over $500 million in investment, combining the investment in construction, interiors and the highly advanced equipment and medical tools.

Many physicians in Rio De Janeiro and the country believe that the capital city had for long waited for such advanced hospital that was highly needed to meet the growing needs of advanced medical care. Technology is integrated throughout the hospital’s network in a very well defined manner to ensure seamless processing, whether it is billing, database management, inventory, staff management, human resource, appointments and scheduling, reports, and more. It helps the hospital to provide fast and consistent services to the patients and their family.

Learn more:,conceito-em-atendimento-de-luxo-do-copa-star-pretende-ser-levado-para-outras-capitais-do-brasil,10000094046

The rooms at Copa Star are fitted with the latest technology for a comfortable and convenient stay of the patients. Each room has tablets, TV, air –conditioning, and other necessary elements needed in the hospital environment. Patients and their families can choose to make the payment directly or through the health plans available in the country. The primary aim of Copa Star is to provide the best of healthcare services in a safe, secure and hospitable environment without costing a fortune. Read more at about Copa Star.

Don Ressler and Adam Goldenberg: Socially Responsible Fashion

One thing that could be said when it comes to many different industries is that a lot of people love to feel good about their purchases on Unfortunately, a lot of the great stores would be found to not be all that socially responsible. This often puts a huge dilemma on people when it comes to the products being offered. When people are faced with a lot of great products only to find that the company itself is not ethical, this could actually cause a lot of conflict. A lot of people understand that when they are buying a product from the company, they are also showing approval for the practices of that company too.

Adam Goldenberg and Don Ressler understand the effect that their social responsibility has on others. This is why they take the time to make sure that they are offering clothes that are both high fashion and sustainable on While they are interested in offering clothes that are very similar to what is shown on the runway, they want to make sure that the items that are being sold are made of the best material. This means material that will not only last long, but be friendly to the environment as well.

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One thing that Don Ressler wants to make sure of is that they present a aesthetically pleasing version of social responsibility. One thing that has been going around is that anything that is useful has to not be pleasurable. Social responsibility has to be bland or plain. However, there is a shift in mindset that shows that people do not have to be plain in order to be social responsible. Don Ressler has made sure that the clothing offered are made in great working conditions. Therefore, people that buy from one of the TechStyle brands will be supporting all of the ethical practices of TechStyle.

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Arthur Becker: Real Estate Entrepreneur

Mr. Arthur Becker is a man of many talents. His favorite talents involve real estate and early stage biotech companies. Currently, he’s a managing partner of a company that specializes in both of those industries. While he isn’t qualified to work hands-on with biotech products, he does have a certain knack for a hands-on real estate.

One of his latest projects is set of townhouses on Sullivan Street in Soho, reports the NY Daily News. He acquired the three adjacent townhouses after exchanging his stake in a neighboring condo development. Like with many of his other properties, Becker is acting as a quiet backer.

He was already invested in a neighboring townhouse, 10 Sullivan Street, when he assumed ownership of the new townhouses. He now owns 10, 30, 40, and 50 Sullivan Street. Each of his new townhouse properties is about 6,500 square feet. He’s planning on using the same team of developers that developed a boat-shaped, 16-story condo building.

There’s also a lot of public confusion about how much Becker is investing in his new project. There are plenty of “expert estimates” being published. According to data from Real Capital Analytics, Becker has already invested $15 million in preferred equity, plus an additional $5 million for the project’s mortgage.

Most sources are basing their calculations on public records, but public records don’t show everything. Because there are multiple properties involved and no official disclosure of costs, some of the documents have different figures. One document claims he’s only invested $22 million while another claims he’s invested nearly $30 million.

According to Becker, continuing to be mysterious, the only additional investment he made in the investment was for improvements to one of the townhouses. He stated on that the cost of those improvements added up to an additional $4 million. The townhouse in question is the townhouse where he plans to live.

It’s expected that the townhouses he’ll sell or lease will be higher than their neighboring townhouses. Not only have these townhouses undergone recent renovations, but they also have larger backyards.


Five interesting features of The Central Texas Regional Mobility Authority


The Central Texas Regional Mobility Authority is a leading building transportation system that is responsible for Travis County and Williamson County in Texas, US. The CTRMA is an agency that is independent of the government. It was formed in 2002. The agency has a board consisting of four members that are versed in the fields of development and business. Three of those board members have the responsibility for Travis County and are part of the Travis County Commissioners Court. Three other members are part of the Williamson County Commissioners Court. The last board member of The Central Texas Regional Mobility Authority is the president and chairman of the agency. The members are mainly white males, and there is one African-American woman. The Central Texas Regional Mobility Authority actually offers a variety of travel apps ad well as roadside assistance that is free of charge. The agency handles the Highway Emergency Response Operator. It is aimed for motorists to call when they get stranded on the road. One of the apps that the agency offers is called Metropia. The app helps users find out when the roads will be least congested. Using those time frames whenever possible alleviates the heavy traffic a little bit and makes traveling less dangerous and tedious. There are also a few ridesharing apps available. Such apps help lessen the exhaust fumes, save people money and alleviate traffic as well.


The chief executive director of the agency is Mike Heiligenstein. Me. Heiligenstein has been a part of the Central Texas Regional Mobility Authority ever since it was formed. Allegedly, he receives a higher payment than the executive director of the Texas Department of Transportation and a compensation package that the director of TDT does not receive. To compare, there are 21 employees at The Central Texas Regional Mobility Authority and up to 11 776 employees at the Texas Department of Transportation. Mike Heiligenstein personally oversaw the development of the CTRMA’s first ever project – 183A constructed in Williamson County. The 183A is among the first projects of its kind. The highway underwent a transition from a regular highway to a fully electronic one that started using a cashless toll collection system. Mike Heiligenstein currently occupies the position of President at the International Bridge, Tunnel and Turnpike Association as well as the position on the advisory board for the Texas A&M Transportation Institute. Mike Heiligenstein is also a part of a number of other committees that deal with all kinds of transportation issues.

Mike Heiligenstein

Dick DeVos: Longtime Businessman And Former Political Candidate Allows A Look At His Lifetime Giving

Dick DeVos certainly has been known as a giver and many local schools, hospitals and non-profit groups have benefited greatly from his generosity. But he’s always kept the amounts he’s contributed quite private and makes no attempt to put either his net worth or charity in the spotlight, though various media outlets certainly have listed him many times. But just this last month after President Donald Trump chose Dick’s wife Betsy to be Secretary of Education, the DeVos’s decided to make known the great mystery that many have wondered about. It’s now been reported that the DeVos’s have given around $139 million in their lifetime, and only a small percentage of that has gone to political campaigns.


Dick DeVos’s charity is something he learned growing up from his father, Richard DeVos Sr. Richard DeVos Sr. co-founded Amway Corporation and also bought the NBA’s Orlando Magic in 1991. Dick DeVos saw his father give back to the Grand Rapids community as a young man and decided to follow in those footsteps. Dick worked under his father at Amway for most of his early career, and after becoming vice president in 1984 started assuming more executive responsibilities there. Dick became CEO when his father stepped down in 1993 and soon began growing operations overseas and bringing in a large amount of profits. Dick left the company in 2002 to run another company that he and Betsy had founded in 1989, The Windquest Group.


Dick and Betsy’s philanthropy started out with education and private schools in particular. Their mission has been to make private and charter schools affordable for underprivileged children and through the Dick & Betsy DeVos Foundation and several other non-profit groups such as Education Freedom Fund, they helped start scholarships. They’ve also been at the center of education reform legislation efforts including one in the year 2000 to try and establish private school vouchers and tax credits, but were unsuccessful. They did continue to work with charter schools throughout the years and in 2010 they helped start the West Michigan Aviation Academy.


The DeVos’s have also given to several civic organizations including Grand Action Committee, a council of local leaders that helped revitalize the downtown area of Grand Rapids. They’ve also given to children’s hospitals, libraries, and even made a large donation to the Kennedy Center in Washington for their art institute which was promptly renamed the Dick and Betsy DeVos Institute of Arts Management. Dick is also a former political candidate who ran for governor of Michigan in the 2006 gubernatorial race, but he came up short to Jennifer Granholm. The DeVos’s did later help get a right-to-work law passed in 2012 after seeing the success the legislation had in Wisconsin. Dick DeVos also has engaged in fun activities such as the Chicago-Mackinac sailing race.